Platform release: new ways to collect feedback

The past months our product team worked hard to create a new flow in our product, supporting the achieving of goals every CRM marketer has. As of Monday 23rd of October, CloseAlert includes functionality to monitor email satisfaction, get specific feedback about email content, and evaluate journeys/ processes/ relationships to evaluate customer experiences during the entire customer lifecycle.


What's new?

CloseAlert is market leader in The Netherlands with the thumbs up / thumbs down sentiment question at the bottom of the email. Our latest upgrade includes improved capabilities for monitoring and comparing campaigns. We also added three new categories for evaluating:

  • In-email content (How do customers feel about an offer or
  • Customer journeys (How do customers evaluate an entire journey or process?)
  • Customer relationships (How do customers feel about your company?)

New flow to create your form

A form is now created from within a category. Either select one of the pre-built forms or create a form from scratch. Every category includes pre-built form templates to start collecting your feedback within minutes.

Forms Customer Journeys

Results per category

Every category has its own characteristics. This affects the way results are displayed:

  • Email satisfaction: This category our customers already know. All emails and folders will live here. Results are viewable per email or per folder. The folder structure remains and offers the option to cluster and view results in aggregate.
  • In-email content: When you selected an in-email content form, results are displayed per email. Unlike the 'Email satisfaction' category, there is no quick results option in the Results view due to the fact that the different In-email questions are not always comparable.
  • Customer journeys: In this category, you will find the results per form. The email send is irrelevant, because the results/ score are/ is related to a relationship, journey, flow, or process and not to a single email send.
  • Customer relationships: In this category, you will find the results per form. The email send is irrelevant, because the results/ score are/ is related to the brand relationship and not to a single email send.


In our Helpcenter you can find an FAQ about this upgrade. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out via

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    Yori Högemann
    Yori is co-founder of CloseAlert. At CloseAlert Yori is responsible for New Business and Partnerships.

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