Q1 2019: new product features

New year, new functionalities and add-ons at CloseAlert! The first quarter of 2019 was our moment to open up easy data access and release our brand-new reporting API. Moreover, you're now able to customize several thank you pages within your forms, which is a rather nice iteration on our last 2018 release 'Skip Logic'. Lastly, by extreme popular demand, we've made duplicating a form quick and simple. Read on for details on how to put this in practice!


Reporting API

Automate your CloseAlert data import with the RESTful, JSON based Reporting API. This API allows you to pull data from CloseAlert into any proprietary system such as your ESP, CRM system or perhaps a custom built dashboard. It is the perfect leaping point for including email feedback into your marketing automation strategy! Think about connecting feedback with traditional e-mail statistics in a structured dashboard, and triggering automated follow-up campaigns based on sentiment scores or preferences.

1. Email stats incl CA score

Perfect follow-through with multiple thank you pages

Skip Logic has allowed you to create specific paths within the CloseAlert form. It enables you to get to the bottom of things and ask very precise questions based on whatever the respondent's answer is.
Now we take this a step further by adding the option to create multiple thank you pages per form. Just as you direct a certain answer to a certain question, you can close-off with a specific thank you page. Each thank you page can include customized text, a specific redirect or call to action button. Read our latest blogpost for inspiration on how to make the most out of this.

Duplicate form

A simple addition with massive efficiency gains is the one-click option to duplicate any form. Just select this option from the drop-down to re-use any form including questions, answer options, text changes (such as translations), and logic applied.

CloseAlert email marketing feedback


In our helpcenter, you can find articles with more information about any of our new features. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out via info@closealert.com.

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