Q4’s new product features

Our last update for the year and, most arguably, our biggest update for the year. It was a short quarter because of the holidays in December yet our product team managed to release Skip Logic. This gives you more freedom and flexibility over the question you want to ask, opening up a plethora of use-cases to exploit! Curious? Just read on!

Happy New Year from CloseAlert

Skip Logic to get to the bottom of things

Up-until now, you’ve had the option to ask one single specific question based on a given answer. We’ve called this ‘one sub-question per answer’. We’ve let that restriction go and added Skip Logic.

It allows you to build ‘question paths’ within the CloseAlert form. That means, that you can direct a respondent to any specific next question depending on the answer given.

Curious still? Read our blog post about 2 ways to use Skip Logic immediately!

CloseAlert Skip Logic

Automatically redirect to the thank you page

Though we always recommend to ask respondents to motivate their answers (“Why is that your opinion?”), there are certain cases you only ask one question. In that case respondents do not need to be sent through the CloseAlert form.

Simply adding a tag to your CloseAlert URL upon implementation allows respondents to skip straight to the thank you page.  

CloseAlert thank you page

In our helpcenter, you can find articles with more information about any of the new features. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to reach out via info@closealert.com.


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    Karin is Customer Success Manager at CloseAlert. Always on the look-out for new ways to exceed expectations, she is driven by her customer's success.

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