The secret to importing email feedback into your core database

Recently, Holland’s largest telecom operator KPN announced they’ll be the first in The Netherlands to test personalized TV adverts. Personalization is thát important; the big guys are heavily investing in it.

OK, so personalization is, by now, widely adopted as a strategy and several studies show that it’s most of all used in email marketing. However, there is also still much ground to be gained.

Import email feedback into your core database

The point of collecting data

The top dogs say: collect data and use it in a way that allows you to secure your place alongside them or to maintain your place there. Listening to what your customers have to say is essential, but using that data and analyzing it is no less important! Did you know that plugging email feedback data into your core data system and use it to send personalized emails, results in up to six times higher transaction rates? 

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Who’s doing it right?

dé Vakantiediscounter understood the value of what their customers were sharing with them from the get-go. They took a very pragmatic approach to analyse and apply this data by sending this it into their core systems.

Download our Case Study now to learn how CloseAlert data takes a prominent role in their strategy and how they use this feedback for promotional purposes.


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    Karin Nieboer
    Karin is Customer Success Manager at CloseAlert. Always on the look-out for new ways to exceed expectations, she is driven by her customer's success.

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